Walnote security

Walnote is a zero knowledge web application running in your browser and using a service called zkBox as backend for storing your notes. What makes Walnote special is the fact that no one besides you, not even the Walnote or zkBox staff, will ever be able to read your notes.

zkBox, the service powering Walnote, is a scalable, secure and fault-tolerant storage solution for highly-sensitive data running in the Amazon cloud. The system is built with security in mind and the security model from Walnote is completely equivalent with zkBox's security. Some of the key points are:

  • - reliability and scalability by running on load balanced machines in the Amazon cloud
  • - high security by using approved government grade encryption algorithms
  • - fault-tolerance by taking advantage of the world-class storage solutions supplied by Amazon
  • - privacy and anonymity by implementing industry-proved security design patterns
  • - transparency by making available the source code to the community

Read more about the security on the zkBox website